Gatorade Dash Button

3 Stars

  • A 12-pack of Gatorade costs $18.00 on Amazon vs. $8.99 at Walmart. 
  • Overall this is not a great deal. 
  • If the Gatorade Dash Button were coupled with Amazon Prime Now so you could get gatorade delivered in less than 1 hour, we would reconsider.  Hangovers suck and Gatorade works. 
  • But it's not, so in times of need we're sticking with Postmates of the corner store. 

Smartwater Dash Button

3.5 Stars

  • A 6-pack of Smartwater costs $6.98 on Amazon -- that's a great price!
  • Amazon only sells 6-packs though, which is definitely a downer. 
  • Smartwater has electrolytes, which help with hangovers, so this button is a "Smart" alternative to Gatorade.
  • See what we did there? 

Disclaimer: Smartwater will not make you smarter. 

Maxwell House Coffee Dash Button

4.5 Stars

  • Our #1 favorite Dash Button in the Beverages category!
  • Whether you're an instant coffee drinker or have a Keurig at home, this button has sweet deals. 
  • 18 Maxwell house K-Cups will run you $9.94; 3 jars of Instant Coffee (8oz) will set you back $13.56.
  • The Dash Button Dudes love convenience, so of course we have a Keurig. 
  • K-Cups are expensive everywhere and the Maxwell House ones are both delicious and affordable.
  • 50 cents for a cup of joe is way less expensive than Starbucks. 

Izze Dash Button

2 Stars

  • Izze Sparkling Juice is delicious, but if you think it's healthy you're tripping.
  • A Variety Pack of 24 costs $16.67 -- a very reasonable price. 
  • Overall, we recommend passing on this one and sticking to healthier options.