How Amazon Dash Buttons Changed my Life

A guest post by our intern L.

Sunday afternoon rolls around and I’ve been out of paper towels since Tuesday- I’ve come to accept the sticky surfaces as a part of my bachelor pad.

People who live with sticky counters you image to re-wear dirty socks and not wash their produce.

Well you’d be right about the socks… but how am I supposed to tackle my laundry pile when I’m out of Bounty Plus? Trust me, I don’t choose to live with an overflowing trash can and a laundry pile that can’t fit in my closet, but when I run out of cleaning supplies, I have no choice.

Enter: The Amazon Dash Button. 

The dash button has saved me from Target and has granted me the paradise of a lazy Sunday afternoon wondering what I should post on Instagram

Restocking the necessities is no longer on my list of chores, so I can focus on the things that matter to me: fantasy football and naps. My quality of life is higher and rather than chasing down my favorite products, I have time to use them. I highly encourage you folks to take advantage of this miracle button. Talk about a bachelor pad essential. 

Happy napping!