Moms review the Amazon Dash Button

We're not the only ones that love our Dash Buttons. Check out what our readers had to say about their experiences... 

"Using Dash Buttons allows me to purchase household items at a time when its convenient for me.  It's fast, easy and picking up household items are no longer on my "to do" list. Check it out! "

- Lia D. Edwards, wife of former NFL Head Coach Herm Edwards

"Balancing a full time job on top of managing a household as a mother of three can get a bit hectic to say the least. Running out of paper towels, napkins, toilet paper, snacks and even brown bags for school lunches simply can’t happen. When a friend informed me about dash buttons, I was immediately hooked. My time spent at the grocery store has been cut in half and the stress of constantly keeping up with household necessities has been lifted. If we’re running low on anything, I push one button, items are soon delivered, and a potential crisis is avoided. It’s been such a relief!"

- Rebecca, mother of 3

"If there is one thing I now think all House Mothers need in this day and age, its dash buttons. As the head of a sorority house filled with up to 60 girls, managing our household supplies from bathroom needs to kitchen snacks has proven to be difficult. With dash buttons I can now track how often we go through certain supplies and more efficiently manage what we need and when. No more running low on toilet paper, paper plates or most importantly, midnight snacks!"

- Tonya, Sorority House Mom at USC