26 Amazon Dash Button Hacks You Probably Didn't Know About

Hackers disassembling and hacking an amazon dash

Dash Button Hacks have been popping up all over the internet ever since the Amazon buttons were released. 

Developers and hobbyists have cracked them open, reconfigured them, and found ways to automate their lives.

And for $5 they are the cheapest Internet of Things "Smart" buttons on the market!  

Hacking your dash button will require some programming skill, but most of the code is publicly available online. 

Actually, the hardest part is deciding where to start!  

That's why we put together this compilation of 26 Amazon Dash Button Hacks

Whether you're an industry veteran or a hungry brogrammer, one of these hacks will make your Sunday a lot more interesting.

On-Demand Economy

1. Call Uber

Uber Dash Button Hack

When I'm running late for work I call an Uber to shave 10 minutes off my commute.

The Uber dash button hack won't save you 10 minutes, but it might save you two. See the code on Github.

2. Order pizza

Domino's actually has a pizza-ordering API that allows you to set up one-touch ordering with a hacked Amazon dash button. 

This article shows you how. Did somebody say Chicken Bacon Carbonara?

3. Order beer

The next logical step after push-button pizza, of course, is beer.  

This Github application shows you how to hack your dash button to order beer from alcohol delivery startup Drizly.

Obviously we don't recommend this if you live with someone under 21.

4. Order anything from Amazon

Want a button for something other than Diapers, Protein Powder, or Paper Towels?  

Github user gpwclark is working on a project that let's you configure your dash button to order anything you want.

What's at the top of our list? Peanut Butter, Almond Milk, Q-Tips, Kleenex, Cheez-Its, and Cheerios.

Data Tracking

5. Track baby data

Ted Benson pioneered the original dash button hack on Medium because he wanted to find patterns in his newborn's habits so he could be a better dad (and get more sleep).  Do you know how many times your little guy woke up last night? 

6. Log your habits into a Google Spreadsheet

This hack extends #5 to keep track of just about anything you can imagine.  Want to log every time you go on a run, avoid smoking, walked to work? Find out how.  The possibilities are endless.

7. Add things to a grocery list

Have a dash button for a product you've decided is too expensive to order on Amazon (ahem...Gatorade..ahem)? Repurpose it to add an item to your new Google Spreadsheet "Grocery List".  

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8. Track music practice

Amazon Dash Button Spreadsheet Hack

Another riff of #5 (get it?) this simple python script allows you to record both the stop and end times so you can not only track events but also their duration.

9. Log your time spent studying

If you can track your music practice why can't you track your study habits? Just change the word "practice" to "study" in Number 8. 

10. Track your work hours

A useful trick for freelancers and others working remotely. Set this up just like Number 8 -- the applications are endless.

For Your Home

11. Control any power outlet in your home

The Samsung SmartThings Outlet allows you to hook up any power outlet to the Internet of Things.  This hack will let you to control your SmartThings Outlet to an Amazon Dash Button. 

12. Control Philips Hue lights

Philips Hue lightbulbs already let you control your lighting from your phone, but wouldn't it be convenient to set some mood lighting with just the push of a button? Daniel Gallo shows you how

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13. Control Belkin WeMo lights

Philips Hue isn't the only smart lighting around.  See how to control your Belkin WeMo lights from your Amazon Dash Button with this tutorial on GitHub.

14. Control your LIFX lights

LIFX Smart LEDs are another Wi-Fi enabled lighting option that even change colors! Read how to configure them to work with a dash button here.   

15. Netflix and chill

This ingenious hack shows you how to fire up Netflix and dim your Philips Hue lightbulbs with just the push of a button.  

16. Party like it's 2015!

Check out this awesome Youtube Video to see how one man set up his Gatorade dash button to give an amazing multi-colored light show. He calls it the Amazon Dash Party Button and we are super jealous.

17. Control your Tesla's Air Conditioning

As if we needed another reason to covet the Tesla Model S.  Even if you don't own a Tesla this video is pretty darn cool.  

Nest Dash Button Hack

18. Toggle your Nest Thermostat to "Home"

So you love your Nest Thermostat because 1) it saves energy and 2) it's awesome looking, but what if it's too far away from your front door?  Are you really going to go all the way upstairs just to let it know you're home? This Amazon Dash Button hack solves this very first-world problem. 

19. Brew coffee

Wake up, press a button, take a shower, get dressed.  By the time you hit the kitchen a warm cup of joe is waiting for you. Check out this video to find out how to configure this ultimate luxury. Just don't forget the mug before you go to bed!

20. Control your garage door

So this hack is pretty advanced and we're not sure what's wrong with just a regular garage door opener. Nevertheless any dash hack is awesome in our book, especially when there' a cool video

Amazon Dash Button Text SMS Hack


21. Send a text

A simple trick with almost unlimited possibilities.  Learn how to hack your Amazon dash button to send an SMS when pressed.

22. Setup an Android or iOS notification

IFTT (If This Then That) is an awesome resource that gives you simple "recipes" to connect the products you use everyday, and you can set it up to work with your dash buttons.   Setup an inbound webhook from your dash button to alert you of almost anything you can imagine. 

23. Build a silent doorbell

Another hack that might be useful if you have a newborn at home, or if you work nights and hate being woken up by the postman. Use the IFTTT hack in #22 above to send a push notification, text, or even a phone call to let you know someone's at the door. 

24. Send a message to Slack

Slack is an awesome tool not only for communication, but also for automating business tasks.  For example you can send a message to Slack that triggers a Google Hangout.  Place a dash button in a conference room so you can collaborate with others from anywhere (and get some serious hacker cred around the office).  See the code to connect your dash button with Slack.

Just for Fun

25. The "Rickroll" Button

See the code for this classic bait and switch. 

26. The "Piggy Bank" Button

Transfer money out of your checking into your savings with the push of a button.  See the code

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