Amazon Gift Guide 2015

Amazon was the undisputed heavyweight champion of Black Friday 2015.  The company accounted for 36% of all consumer spending on the biggest shopping day of the year.

The top-selling products on Amazon were the Fire Tablet and Fire TV Stick.  Forget about the iPad, Amazon's own devices have reached a new level of cool. 

Head below for our roundup of the best Amazon gift ideas for everyone on your shopping list.

For a Twenty Something

Amazon Prime + Dash Buttons ($99 + $5/button)

As a twenty something myself, this would honestly be the best gift ever.  You get FREE TWo-Day Shipping, access to Prime Video (say goodbye to your Netflix sub), and Prime Music (bye bye Spotify).  

Throwing in a Dash Button or two gives your favorite twenty-someone something to unwrap, and can be pretty hilarious.  Tell him to clean up his act with the Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Dash Button.  Or tell him to hurry up with his degree with the Finish Dash Button.  See what we did there?

For a College Kid

Kindle + Fire TV Stick ($79 + $39)

Most textbooks give you the option to buy them as an e-book now, and e-books are wayyyy cheaper.  College loans on the other hand aren't cheap, so the Amazon Kindle is a very practical gift for your favorite co-ed. 

That being said you don't want your kid to hate you any more than she already does, and some stubborn brats will equate getting a Kindle to you telling them to hit the library more.  To defuse the tension, throw in an Amazon TV stick.  Just don't ask them what Netflix and chill means. 

For Mom

Amazon Echo ($179)

Wired calls the Amazon Echo "this years perfect lazy Christmas gift," and we couldn't agree more. At $180 it says I love you enough to spend money on you, and hints that your mom should spend even more on you.

Some moms spend a lot of time in the kitchen and the Echo makes for the perfect kitchen companion because it's entirely hands free.  Your mom can rock out to Van Morrison while she's making the meatloaf, ask Alexa (Amazon's version of Siri) about the weather, what's on her calendar,  and set a reminder to remember the milk. There's a reason why you've always been her favorite child.

For Dad

Fire TV with 4k ($99)

The Fire TV with 4k is the ultimate Amazon TV gift for Dad.  It's less expensive than the Apple TV, but you're dad doesn't know that. Apple still hasn't come out with its 4k version of the Apple TV, so Amazon's streaming device is actually higher quality too. The best part though?  You won't get stuck watching basic cable at your parents' house ever again. 

For your Girlfriend

Kindle Paperwhite ($119)

Let's face it, 50 Shades was good for men's sex lives everywhere. Romance Novels are like porn for girls, but it's super embarrassing to read them in public.  The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite solves that problem because there is no book cover to give her secret away.  Bonus Points:  Preload it with E.L. James newest romance Grey.

For your Boyfriend

Fire TV Gaming Edition ($140)

So you want to cuddle up with your favorite human this winter but you also want him to know that your thinking about his needs too. That's why you get him the Fire TV Gaming Edition -- the perfect Amazon TV for your special someone.  The Gaming Edition comes with a sweet gaming controller and comes with over 800 games -- more than any other streaming media player.  You're a cool chick, and it's fine your BF likes to play GTA: San Andreasas long as he makes time to Netflix and chill too.

For a Kid

Amazon Fire Tablet ($49)

It's no wonder that this was Amazon's #1 selling product on Black Friday -- it's by far the cheapest tablet on the market. It's also super durable, so you can rest assured that your favorite little terror won't crack the screen.  The Amazon Fire Tablet will temper his christmas cookie sugar hysteria so you can finish that bottle of vino on Christmas night. 

For Yourself

Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote ($49)

All that shopping was exhausting, wasn't it?  And what's another $50 bucks?  Add the Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote to your shopping cart and consider it a reward for how generous you've been this holiday season.  We recommend spending the extra $10 for the voice remote because you're worth it. Also you'll get to play with it before Christmas so helping your loved ones set up their new Amazon Devices will be a cinch.