Here’s What You Need To Know About Dash Buttons

The Amazon Dash Button is still a relatively new addition to the world of online shopping with Amazon, but already it looks as if it will significantly change how people shop now and in the future. These tiny little buttons seamlessly connect online shopping with the real world, and allow Amazon Prime customers to easily reorder items they use regularly at the literal touch of a button. Not that familiar with the Amazon Dash Button? Here’s what you need to know:

People Thought They Were A Joke

The Amazon Dash Buttons were released so close to April Fools’ Day, on March 31st, that many people thought they were some kind of early joke for the day. Although some critics wrote off the idea, Amazon was absolutely serious and launched the buttons later that year in July. Now they are simply a part of the experience of being an Amazon Prime member, and an exciting step forward in the world of digital retail.

There Are Now 250 Varieties

Amazon started small with the Dash Buttons, with only a handful available when they first launched. In fact, just 18 brands signed on to be represented in the first batch of Dash Buttons. Nearly two years later, the product is much more far reaching, with more than 250 brands now available for the public to use for one-touch ordering. Now, as well as the physical buttons that you can put up around your house, Amazon also has ‘digital’ Dash Buttons for one-click ordering on their smartphones.

They Can Be Customised

Dash Buttons are easy to customise based on what you need to buy. When you order a Dash Button, customers can see exactly what products can be ordered from each one. Usually brands have a variety of products available from their Amazon selection, with customers able to choose one product to associate with their Dash Button. Once set up, this item will be ordered as soon as the customer presses the button, simple!

Customers Love Them

Despite predictions early on that the Amazon Dash Buttons would be a flop, the online retailer has seen enormous gains from customers buying the buttons and ordering through them. Data from October of 2016 showed that order volume through the buttons had grown fivefold in a year since launching. Along with this the number of brands signed on with the Dash Button service has significantly increased showing the value of the device to companies.

There really is so much potential contained in the powerhouse that is the Amazon Dash Button. With the wide range of brands signed up to the service, as well as the increasing number of orders through the platform, it seems that now is the time to get involved. If you are an Amazon Prime member and you haven’t considered trying out the Amazon Dash Button yet, there’s no reason not to. Simplify your shopping today.