Amazon Dash Buttons You Never Knew You Needed

Amazon’s Dash Buttons are the future of digital retail, bridging the gap between the world of online shopping and the real world of simplicity. Dash Buttons are a small addition to your home that can make a big difference. Easy to program, and simple to set up, they allow Amazon Prime customers to re-order products they use regularly at the touch of a button.

If you’re already using Amazon Dash Buttons, or you’re considering it, you need to know that there is a massive range of brands already attached to the enterprise, and that number grows every day. Here are some Amazon Dash Buttons you never knew you needed.

Basics Batteries

We all know the feeling of searching the house for a spare battery when the ones you are using inside a remote control, children’s toy or clock have decided to taper out. It seems that batteries are one of those things that you never remember to buy until after you desperately need them. Luckily, there’s an Amazon Dash Button for that. The Amazon Basics Batteries Dash Button has your battery needs sorted.

Garbage Bags

There’s nothing more annoying than reaching under the sink to grab a fresh garbage bag after taking out a full one only to find that none remain. Garbage bags really are one of those things that you can’t put off using, lest you fill your kitchen up with all the wrong visitors. Of course Amazon’s Dash Buttons have you covered, with a number of options for one-click ordering your garbage bags from Hefty to simplehuman.

Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is such a bulky purchase, that is often very inconvenient to purchase in your shopping and then cart home. Generally, it takes up a large amount of space in your trolley and the back of your car, and it’s not something you want to advertise to your neighbours. That’s where Amazon’s Dash Buttons come in. There are a number for ordering your toilet paper easily, from Charmin and Angel Soft to Quilted and Seventh Generation, all delivered to your door.

Washing Detergent

We’ve all had that moment where we register, in the middle of putting on yet another load of washing, that we’re running out of laundry detergent. Of course, by the time we really think to buy it, the remainder is gone and washing builds up quickly with so many other things getting in the way. With Amazon’s Dash Buttons you can re-order quickly using the All, Gain, Tide or Charmin buttons, among many others.

Pet Buttons

From pet food to treats and even kitty litter, there are a lot of bulky and inconvenient products associated with having a pet. Plus, filling up your weekly grocery shop with sacks of dog food and kitty litter is nobody’s idea of a good time. What is a good time is using Amazon’s pet Dash Buttons to order pretty much anything your pet could ever need, with just one click. It’s the paw-fect solution to your pet product woes!