Tide Pods and Powder Dash Button

5 Stars

  • The #1 most popular Amazon Dash Button of all time!
  • Tide Pods are not worth your money; get the powder.
  • My girlfriend does my laundry so this one isn't my thing, but if I did have to do laundry you bet your a** I'd have this button.

Bounty Dash Button

5 Stars

  • Number 2 on the list of most popular Dash Buttons.
  • Running out of paper towels is the worst -- stock up easily before you need to.
  • Cleanliness is next to Godliness -- consider the Bounty Dash Button an investment in your soul.

Cottonelle Dash Button

5 Stars

  • Someday, and that day will come, you will thank us for having recommended this button. 
  • Also it looks really funny next to your toilet paper dispenser. 

Glad Bags Dash Button

4.5 Stars

  • A box of garbage bags seem to never run out. Then when you're least expecting it you're out! Press the Glad Bag Dash Button and you're all set.
  • Do you know about the trick where you put the new garbage bags at the bottom of the garbage can so they're right there when you take out the trash?
  • We don't do that because the bottom of our trash can is disgusting but I hear it's a good trick. 

Finish Dishwater Detergent Dash Button

3 Stars

  • Never worry about not being able to run your dishwater at any time. Order the Finish Dishwater Dash Button and take one thing off your shopping list.
  • On second though, who uses Finish?
  • That's like using the Kelvin filter on Instagram. 

Ziploc Bags Dash Button

4 Stars

  • Packing lunch for multiple children on a regular bases? Buy the Ziploc Bag Dash button and have enough bags for every occasion.
  • Whoever came up with ziploc bags was a genius.  Why don't we talk about him like we do Steve Jobs.
  • Seriously, what did people do before Ziploc? 

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Dash Button

3 Stars

  • Probably one of the most needed item in any family household.
  • Every need to do a quick clean before having friends over. Don't go through another mess with Clorox disinfecting wipes. 
  • The "disinfecting" part is crucial -- who knows what kind of nasty stuff you've got living on your countertops?

Hefty Bags Dash Button

3 Stars

  • Messy work or living situations can be resolved with Hefty garbage bags. Buy the Hefty Dash Button for your home or office. 

Dixie Paper Products Dash Button

2 Stars 

  • Tons of product options.
  • Paper plates mean no dishes, which we like.